Present as Prologue, a GenZero novella by Brian A. Dominick


Years before ZeroBloc and the Reboot change everything, Grover Parsons and millions of other sudden activists help Apricity Carter eliminate the heinous weapons they call “rampage rifles.” It is the dawn of the Youth Age, when distributive technologies enable history’s least powerful class to become its strongest force, nearly overnight. It starts with gun owners mining cryptocurrency by destroying their favorite weapons. Soon, tech-enhanced mobs swarm firearms manufacturers in the largest direct-action campaign of the century… so far.

This standalone Prologue to an upcoming novel about revolution in the 2020s portrays the Summer of Sparks and the dawn of the Youth Age. Old America will never be the same.

Brian Dominick offers up a dazzling anti-dystopia — with razor sharp prose and playful yet convincing near-future world-making, he guides us through the movement of a future’s possible history. A vision of messy, revolutionary change, a story of disruptive technocapital and budding insurgency, brought alive in realistic and deeply human detail. Present as Prologue is the best kind of speculative fiction: the sort that invites us to think outside the constraints of our current moment, while recognizing that old ways inevitably will haunt the new. I’m dying to read what happens next!
— Natasha Lennerd
author Being Numerous
This was a heartbreakingly fantastic read! A thought provoking futurehistorical fiction! My new favorite genre! Can’t wait for the next!
— Andrew
An intriguing and inspiring read, showing a lot of imagination, sharp analysis, and a cynical kind of hope for the future. I can’t wait to see the next installment.
— Miriam
I love how the story weaves the real world with just a few changes. The scenery, emotion, and background are so well researched and planned that I almost expect to go online and find Apricity on YouTube right now. You can really see Grover’s world and feel like a part of it yourself as you read. I am very interested to continue entrenching myself in the next novel. I highly recommend the novel to readers searching for something new.
— Tessa

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About the Dedication

Present as Prologue is dedicated to the revolutionary legacy of Jolie Christine Rickman, who taught me we are an ocean wide, and to the creatures from the spaces in between.

Jolie Christine Rickman Jolie Rickman was a friend who taught me the endless ways to appreciate art, and to be an artist with integrity of vision. She was the first to provide encouragement when I created the original timeline for Might in 1999. Her small discography provided endless hours of soundtrack to my writing of Prologue. The referenced width and creatures are taken from two of my favorite of Jolie’s songs.

Jolie is sorely missed by the thousands she touched with her music, which survives her, and her friendship, the loss of which remains profound some 15 years on.

May a new generation find courage and vision in her voice.
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